Barefoot, Pregnant Awards – HSP

Strangers in the Land of Strangers – Image Detail.

Barefoot, Pregnant Awards (NOW) Nat’l Organization Women Philadelphia Chapter – Historical Society of Pennsylvania 1973.  From Strangers in the Land of Strangers – Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Another interesting piece on Women and Morality, from the Library Company of Philadelphia…

Far from the Path of Virtue: Women on the Margins of Morality in Antebellum America

“In the antebellum period, American women’s participation in the public sphere was limited, often constraining women to roles as pious, devoted mothers and wives. However, some women stepped outside propriety: adulteresses, wives suing for divorce, unwed mothers, and prostitutes all tested the bounds of female propriety.”

“This exhibit features societal responses to women’s deviance and the stories of five women, both villains and victims, who treaded on the margins of morality and challenged notions of appropriate moral behavior for women.”

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