Spirit of Birds

   The Spirit of Birds

There was a time

when peace was on the Earth,

and joy and happiness did reign

and each man

knew his worth.

In my heart how I yearn for that spirit’s return

And I cry, as time flies…

The Creator Has A Master Plan, Leon Thomas and Pharoah Sanders (1968)

teal_hum_birds_103 There are 8,600 species of birds in the world today and they play a vital role in the balance of nature. They eat insects, pests and small animals. Fruit eating birds scatter seeds. We eat eggs and meat from birds and we use their feathers for pillows, quilts and clothing.

Weve written books, poetry, stories, and songs about the beauty of birds. Many birds have become symbols for human values: the owl – wisdom, the dove – peace, and the eagle – political power. 

Birds can become disoriented when they’re flying through heavily-polluted areas. Also, their “calendars” can get thrown off if their directions are switched, adversely affecting the environments that the birds serve. The absence or delay of birds can distort ecological balance.


 “The Spirit of Bird is not on planet Earth as an observer, but as a participant. Birds, encompassing the Sky, are reminders of Spirit, and that which is above, but not higher, than Earth biology. …It is the presence of birds that remind us that there is something “up there.” That something that is “up there” is down here, and knows no physical demarcation. Spirit is everywhere, and evident in all forms. Birds, to fly, must also touch the Earth.” 

— Galadriel, Essay, The Mill Pond


Birds as Spirit Guides



“A Little Birdie Told Me”   hum_birds_247

In many stories birds appear as messengers with lessons about things we need to learn or overcome.  There are some who believe that birds serve as our teachers, protectors, and spiritual guides. Crick, High Priest of Whispering Woods Coven, says: … that this guide brings out inner fears that we must be able to face and conquer in order to grow spiritually.


Blackbird – primal feminine energy, trance work, territorial, omens, mysticism, promise 

Bluebird – Throat chakra, confidence, transformation, happiness

 Blue Jay – Linking of heaven and earth, survival, control, resourcefulness, imbalance in one’s life

 Canary – mysteries of song, healing, happiness, inner awakening, warning of danger or impending perils

 Cardinal – Inspiration of self-importance, courtship, opportunities

 Catbird – New communication skills, fertility, exposure

 Chickadee – Mystery, social, truth, fearless, honest perceptions

 Chicken – Sexuality, awakening powers, fertility, divination

 Cockatoo – Survival, beauty, communication, connection with solar energy

 Cowbird – Resolving old issues, grounding

 Crane – Past life experiences, secrecy, creative resources

 Crow – Magic, solitude, shape-shifter, creation, alertness, spiritual strength

 Cuckoo – Dealing with fate, new beginnings

 Doves – Female sexuality, peace, spiritual messengers, connection with other Earth, prophecy

 Duck – Emotional state, water energy, communal, feminine energies, astral plane

 Eagle – spiritual, weather control, creation, sense of balance, illumination of spirit, in-depth perception, awareness, healing, opportunities, spiritual growth

 Falcon – Astral travel, magic, swiftness, healing of the spirit, command of the skies

 Finch – Potential opportunities, activities

 Flicker – Rhythm, nurturing, spiritual growth, personal insight, inner growth

 Goldfinch – Link to spiritual realm, understanding the value of change, nature spirits, visualization, awakening of spiritual beings

 Goose – fertility, spiritual quest, fidelity, imprinting life lessons, community, awakening of the imagination

 Grackle – Clearing of emotions, accomplishment, growth, insight, coping with life situations

 Grouse – Natural rhythm, creation, traveling through the great spiral, new dimensions

 Gull – Ecology, cleanliness, faery contact, spiritual messenger, communication

 Hawk – Visionary power, illumination, healing, life force, experience, psychic energies

 Heron – Wisdom, dignity, individualism, exploration, balance, stability

 Hornbill – Maternal instinct, overcoming obstacles, independence

 Hummingbird – Healing, relationships, love, faery realm, joy, accomplishments, architects, relaxation

 Kestrel – Aura of mystery, agility, speed, attentive, patience

 Kingfisher – Peace, prosperity, indifference, new experiences, teaching of offspring, abundance, new life

 Kite – Clarity, awareness, spiritual communication, prophecy, change

 Loon – Adaption, controlling the dream state, astral plane, awareness, visions

 Magpie – Encounters with the spirit realm, use of ritual, changing luck, inspiring intelligence, witchcraft, prophecy

 Martin – Peace, communal, positive change, good luck

 Meadowlark – Noble acts, clarity, positive spiritual quest, soul-searching, cheerfulness

 Mockingbird – Courage, opportunities, learning through experience, master of languages, attitude, realization of inner talents

 Nuthatch – Faith, truth, courage, faith in ones abilities, grounding

~Crick, founder and High Priest of Whispering Woods coven, dedicated to the love and worship of the God and Goddess.






 “Free as a Bird”

                                      “Fly like an Eagle”


Human beings have always been captivated by birds in flight. But even artificial flight by humans was considered impossible until it happened.  Flight as a spiritual mode of transport means to “transcend the physical environment,” “to incorporate the weightlessness of Spirit.”

I once heard a story about a prince soaring high in the sky… 
until someone tells him it isn’t possible.


Remember the expression, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

If you’re an eagle, don’t hang around chickens …. Chickens don’t fly!


“…And once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
for there you have been and there you long to return.”
~leonardo de vinci



The birth of eagle lore

 By Ken Edwards

 whenever you look to the sky and see the eagle, remember that you can’t fly if you don’t have feathers. Keep true to our traditions, and remember – knowledge is our wings and our feathers.


The Eagle’s Flight

Before the people of corn, our people, came to this earth, eagles walked from place to place to get around. Once there was a girl who asked her grandmother how it was that eagle’s learned to fly. “Eagles,” Grandmother began, “didn’t always know how to fly. This is what the ancient ones say…”

The Catskill Eagle 

written and narrated by Julie Reder Fairley 

In a blackened gorge, high in the Catskills, there once lived an eagle. Unlike her peers, however, this eagle could not fly.

The Flying Contest

The AFRO-American Almanac

One day, as the birds of a certain place were talking, an argument arose as to who could fly the highest.


More bird images – copyrighted images that can not be reproduced here.

Russell Hansen Collection   Breathtaking!

Gina Mikel

Endangered Birds Gallery

Make Your Very Own Flying Origami Crane


You can make a beautiful paper Dove of Peace  


International Crane Foundation’s Children’s International Art Exchange from students around the world, offers an opportunity to educate children and adults about ecosystem protection and restoration.


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