Philadelphia Middle Passage Ceremony & Port Marker Project

Philadelphia Middle Passage
Ancestral Remembrance Day –
Annually, June 2nd, 2015



The Philadelphia Middle Passage Ceremony & Port Marker Project is leading the movement to conduct an annual Ancestral Remembrance Ceremony at Penn’s Landing. Our purpose is to acknowledge the Port of Philadelphia, and other locations on the Delaware River, as a port of entry for Africans during the transatlantic human trade; to commemorate the nearly 2 million Africans who perished in the Middle Passage; and, to install a historical marker in their memory.  On June 2nd each year, we observe Ancestral Remembrance Day with a Blessing of the River. We celebrate the triumphant survival of the descendants of those Africans, and their contributions to this nation. Finally, we call for healing and hope for future generations.

We ask that you come to the river. Bring your prayers, bring your drums, bring your bells, bring flowers or candles, bring your voices, your stories and most important, bring your spirit to honor our ancestors and uplift our youth. Our gathering on Penn’s Landing will began at 5: 30 on the pier behind Independence Seaport Museum. Columbus Blvd. and Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA.

Please also observe a moment of silence at 5:30AM, on June 2nd wherever you are in the world.

Visit the website for details on this year’s observance June 2, 2015:

and, get updates on Facebook: or


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