Paul Robeson, West Philly Folk Hero

Listen to Keepers of the Culture, Inc. (KOTC) tell the story of Paul Robeson on SoundCloud!


KOTC, Inc. Logo ©1996 Columbus Knox

Opening song: Charlotte Blake-Alston Hosts: Tahira Akua Tahira and Dr. C. Frink Reed
Storyteller: Denise Valentine.


Brought to you by Scribe Video Center and PNC Arts Alive on WPEB 881FM Community Radio Station.


Comment by Louis Massiah, Executive Director, Scribe Video Center, Philadelphia | Shared by TAHIRA


Come out and enjoy Keepers of the Culture, Inc. Live in Performance at Sundays on Stage! Free Library of Philadelphia, Parkway Central, October 18, 2015, 2:00 PM. 


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